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 Two-section track carrier design assures:

- high passableness on difficult roads (marsh, snow, woodland, and mountainous country) under severe weather climate and conditions (at the temperature from 40 degrees above zero to 45 degrees of frost);

- getting over water obstacle without special preparation.


Technical specifications


Carrier mass, tons


Load carrying capacity, tons


Number of seats in cabin


Maximal load length, m


Engine power, hp


Maximal road speed, km/hr


Maximal water speed, km/hr


Mean unit ground pressure kgf/cm2


Fuel distance, km


Obstacles crossed (at full load):


   maximal angle of ascent (descent) on dry grassy ground


   maximal bank angle


   water obstacles


Bodies inner dimensions:


   the first section (length´width´height), mm


   the second section (length´width´height), mm




Boundary dimensions, (length´width´height), mm


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